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This should be of no interest to developers using ksoap2-android for Android applications. This is for those developers of ksoap2-android who perform releases.

Getting Ready

Ensure that the upcoming release version is used in org.ksoap2.transport.Transport.USER_AGENT.

You have to be able to do full build as well as be able to build the site:

mvn clean install
mvn site -N

Beyond that you need all the setup to deploy to the OSSRH. Follow the setup instructions. In addition you need to have permissions to deploy to the repository. Contact the project owners, if required.

Mainly you need to have your OSSRH credentials in settings.xml.


For site deployment you need to add your github credentials for the site deployment to github pages to work:


Deploy a SNAPSHOT version

If you want to make a binary version available for someone to test, before making a proper release, deploy a SNAPSHOT version. This will make it available in the snapshots repo at

To perform the SNAPSHOT release:

mvn clean deploy -P release

Perform a RELEASE

This is the real deal.

  • all tests pass

  • site build passes

  • changelog is up to date including the release date!

Once you are happy with the state of everything - Do it!

To perform the release:

mvn release:prepare release:perform

If something goes wrong during the perform phase you can deploy from the target/checkout folder or checkout a branch of the tag.

mvn deploy -P release

With the right setup this will

  • create a tag and push it to github

  • prepare and deploy everything for the plugin release (jar, sources, javadoc..) to OSSRH

Announce on the mailing list, G+, Twitter and maybe ADT and other lists as desired.

To obtain a correct permanent link to the announcement email, go to the mailing list group, open the announcement post and click the little chain/link icon to the right.

Once you are done with it all, celebrate as desired ;-)

After the release

  • update changelog for next version

  • add release notes mailing list permanent link changelog

  • deploy the site from the release branch/tag in target/checkout

Deploy the site

Deploying the site to github pages can be done any time with:

mvn clean site-deploy -N

For a release check out the tag in git or right after running the release run the command in target/checkout.