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Why Contribute

The project is mostly in maintenance mode and has only minor active development. We will however take new contributions, test them a bit and cut new releases so that everyone can get the benefits of your fixes ;-)

If you want to get new features or bugs fixed feel free to report them in the issue tracker, but be aware that it would be best if you fix them yourself in a clone of the github repository and we will gladly pull the enhancement into the project.

When creating a contribution please ensure that you have based your patch off the latest version in the github project so that the merge will be easy. You also need to ensure that the project source code at least compiles and can be built with Maven.

More Details

We welcome any contribution in the forms of feedback on social media, helping out on stackoverflow, whatever you can do helps. This page however focuses on how to contribute either documentation or source code. All of it is contained in the same git repository.


You will have to either know git already or learn it. You will love it! Minor documentation or spelling fixes can be performed directly in the github user interface. Anything beyond that needs a local repository and more.

Flow of Contributions

Once to know how to use git you

  • fork the repository to your own github account

  • create a branch for your specific work (separate issues or changes should be separate branches)

  • verify it all builds and looks right (see the 'Developing' documentation for more on that)

  • send a pull request

  • the core committers will review the pull request

  • any suggested changes need to be done on the same branch and pushed to your repository, this will update the pull request

  • ideally two core committers agree and will pull in the change

  • the changelog then gets updated and you are done

  • delete your branch and pull in from upstream master

  • rinse and repeat …​

Documentation Contributions

All documentation is written in asciidoc and should be located in src/site/asciidoc. Navigation and other layout and design resources can be found in src/site and specifically src/site/site.xml. The documentation is published with each release and is available on GitHub. You can edit documentation in the github interface or in your local clone. Check out the documentation on developing for further tips and tricks.

Code Contributions

A contribution can be anything useful to the project. It might be fixing an issue or enhancing the plugin somehow. Even a javadoc spelling fix is not too small to submit! The only thing you need to check is that you can build the plugin, because we enforce things like code style and so on automatically. However if you create a pull request, this is done automatically as part of our continuous integration setup. Check out the documentation on developing for further tips and tricks.