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How to Use ksoap2-android

The documentation for ksoap2-android is a bit sparse on the site here. We welcome contributions. Fortunately there is a lot of other documentation available.

Mailing list

Join the mailing list as it is the main forum for discussion and help. Please send any questions there.


You can also create a question on Stackoverflow and use the ksoap2 and android tag or the android-ksoap2 tag and we might find your question there..

Source and Javadoc

A very good source of documentation are the javadoc as well as the source both of which you can find in the project Maven repository. The source in the github repository also contains numerous test that show how to do various things like creating requests and parsing results and so on.

If you use Maven javadoc and sources will all be hooked up in your IDE automatically and you can browse the source and documentation right during development. This should also work with Gradle.

To do the same with Ant or plain Android Development Toolkit (Eclipse plugin) based environment you will have to manually download the source and javadoc jar files.

Useful External Resources and Tutorials

Other Tips & Tricks

  1. can be found on our dedicated page.