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Getting Started

The first step for using the libraries provided from ksoap2-android is to add the desired JAR libraries to the classpath.

All files are provided in Maven repositories hosted by Sonatype:

Apache Maven

To make use of this library in a Maven project, add the following to your project’s POM:


and configure a proxy repository in your repository manager using the URL of the release repository above.

If you are not using a repository manager like http:/[Sonatype Nexus], you should start doing so now.

As a stop gap solution you could add the repository to a profile in your settings.xml or pom.xml:


Further libraries as part of the project are also published as part of the build and can be declared as dependencies as well, if needed. E.g.


And a number of others. Check out the project source for more.


The same coordinates for the JAR and the release repository URL as used for Apache Maven can be used.

Apache Ant-based build and Eclipse/ADT

To make use of this library in a non-Maven project, follow the instructions in the Android Developer’s Guide on how to Add an External Library to your project.

You will need to add a ksoap2-android and all required transitive dependencies to the build path. Luckily the Maven build of the project produces a nice bundle of all these jars in one big file.

The latest release artifact of the bundle is available at

Next Steps

In terms of how to write your code please look at the some of the many tutorials from the community and check out our collection of tips and tricks.