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If you want to help on the actual codebase, here is what you need


  • Apache Maven installed - (3.1.1 or higher as enforced during the build)

  • Alternatively use the mvnw wrapper scripts

  • Optionally for better testing and debugging support any Java IDE

  • Optionally git or svn to get the code from github, unless you download the source as zip

Getting the code

You can just get the code from github as usual from the site

git clone


The usual Maven invocations apply. A full build is done with

mvn clean install

or using the Maven wrapper

mvnw clean install

The documentation website can be built with

mvn clean site -N

with the resulting HTML found in target/site/.

Coding Style

The Maven build enforces a code style with the Maven Checkstyle Plugin to make the code more readable and consistent as well as to avoid problems with merges we had in the past when it comes to tabs vs. spaces and others.