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The ksoap2-android has received contributions from individuals and companies. The source code repository includes a list of contributor.

These contributions are managed by Manfred Moser from simpligility.

The following companies provide support for core contributors:

Other contributions have been sponsored by

  • easywsdl

Please let us know if we have omitted you!


Long ago there was the ksoap and then the ksoap2 projects. After a successful phase SOAP and with it the library pretty much died. (at least there were no release since 2006 or so)

Android then revived that since a lightweight framework to talk to legacy SOAP services was needed.

A patch set for Android emerged on the "Android Developers" Google group authored by Jorge Jimenez.

Karl Michael Davis then took this patchset, set up a proper Apache Maven build as well as this project and did a few releases.

Since the project was largely unmaintained in 2009/2010 Manfred Moser from simpligility technologies inc. took over the project, updated the wiki, created a mailinglist, applied and created further patches and released 2.5.1 and has been cutting numerous releases with a number of enhancements since then.