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Android NDK Maven Plugin Example Projects

All the examples are located in src/test/projects of the plugin code base. They are all stand-alone Maven projects that can be copied into a separate location and used as a basis or inspiration for your own projects and serve as useful examples for all the different use cases of the Android Maven Plugin.

The are also built as part of the integration tests and the tests that run those builds are all named '*'.

Typically you can do a full build of the application in the example with

mvn clean install

Multi-module examples will potentially require an attached device or emulator and deploy the application and the integrations tests as part of the above invocation.

In all cases you can deploy the application with

mvn android:deploy

and even start it with

mvn android:run

Check out the documentation on other goals of the plugin for other potential tasks to run and inspect the POM file to see used the configuration and the IT test Java class for other example invocations.


Located in the native folder. A number of projects using the Android NDK to create libraries and applications using them.