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If you want to help on the actual codebase of the Android Maven Plugin, here is what you need


  • Android SDK installed

  • Apache Maven installed - (3.2+1 or higher as enforced during the build)

  • Optionally for better testing and debugging support Eclipse with M2e and Maven Development Tools

  • Optionally git or svn to get the code from github, unless you download the source as zip

  • An Android device or emulator connected via ADB for full build

  • You must have run the Maven Android SDK Deployer or have the dependencies from it in your local repository or repository manager for all the IT tests to run

Getting the code

You can just get the code from github as usual from the site

git clone


The usual Maven invocations apply. A full build is done with

mvn clean install

To truly verify everything you also need to connect a device via ADB and run the integration tests:

mvn clean install -P it

The documentation website can be built with

mvn clean site

with the resulting HTML found in target/site/.


Once you have built the plugin, you can use the respective version (x.y.z-SNASPHOT) in your own projects by updating the version in the pom files there.

If you invoke the plugin outside a Maven project specify the version like so e.g.

mvn com.simpligility.maven.plugins:android-maven-plugin:4.0.0-SNAPSHOT:undeploy -Dparameter=value