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Device Interaction

The Android Maven Plugin supports interaction with all devices attached via adb.

All goals interacting with devices, use the device parameter. By default, all devices are targeted. This includes emulators as well as physical devices.

This means that e.g. deploying a build apk with mvn package android:deploy will deploy the apk to all attached devices.

Goals using the device interaction include

  • devices - list attached devices

  • deploy - deploy apk of current project(s) to devices

  • undeploy - undeploy apk of current project(s) from devices to

  • redeploy - undeploy and then deploy apk of current project(s)

  • deploy-apk - deploy specified apk

  • undeploy-apk - undeploy specified apk

  • redeploy-apk - undeploy and deploy apk

  • run - start the apk on the attached devices

  • integration-test - run integration tests on all devices

  • pull - copy a specified file from attached devices

  • push - copy a specified file to attached devices