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ksoap2-android - lightweight, efficient SOAP on Android


The ksoap2-android project provides a lightweight and efficient SOAP client library for the Android platform.

It is a fork of the kSOAP2 library that is tested mostly on the Android platform, but should also work on other platforms using Java libraries.

Up to version 3.4.0, it is still using Java 1.3 so should work fine on JavaME, Blackberry and so on. Beyond that Java 1.5 is set as the language level.

ksoap2-android has been consistently enhanced and expanded with more features. It is actively maintained and we welcome bug fixes and contributions. Releases are done semi-regularly with community contributions in the form of enhancements and more.


For more information check out the pages and linked content of this site and join our mailing list.

And for the impatient the jars are available in a Maven repository or for download from there as a bundle. More at Getting Started.


ksoap2-android is licensed under MIT and can therefore be included in your commercial application. If you intend to do so please read the details on the Licensing page.


You are interested to see a list of projects using ksoap2-android → Check it out


Project maintenance sponsored by Manfred Moser of simpligility.

Maven repository hosting is sponsored by Sonatype.